Friday, December 11, 2009

Personal: Have a good day!

Well, the TV stand has been mostly built. I didn't include the glass shelf, no point putting my clumsy hands in danger. ;-)
The TV isn't as close to my desk as I'd like, because of the distance the electric sockets are from my desk, but it's good enough, or at least closer than the couch was to the TV before.
Gaming-wise I worked my healer for a good chunk of the night, through chain heroics. Unfortunately the healer isn't as well geared as I'd like, and had some difficulty with certain sections. Healing is a thankless job, filled with people who want to rush around regardless of whether you need to drink due to low mana. You can't heal without mana, and some people just don't care, but will blame me if they die because I can't heal them fast enough.
Thankless indeed. It's no wonder there's a shortage of healers. But I shall persevere.
Work-wise, hopefully I'll pick up a few more hours with the shift bid coming next week. I absolutely hate having to come in on my day off just to even come close to 40 hours. Give me 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and I'll be happy.
Not much else to report. Time to head to bed!